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All schools and districts are focused on specific missions with key goals. These goals can be accomplished by having classroom instruction reflect the goals on a daily basis. For a variety of reasons, the broader mission often takes a back seat to the daily grind. The PBL Project will fix that!

What is the mission?

The words vary, but key themes remain the same in the mission statements of schools and districts across the country.  Here are terms frequently used:

  • "21st century skills"
  • "Rigorous education"
  • "Career-ready"
  • "Lifelong learner"
  • "Community leader"
  • "Highly motivated"
  • "Passionate and persistent"

How do we prepare students?

Names, dates, facts, & figures are important, but do not come close to fully preparing students.  They will also need skills in these areas:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Deductive Reasoning & Logic
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Computers & Technnology
  • Entrepreneurialism

Why is it so difficult?

Of course teachers want to help students develop the skills they will need to thrive in this century.  But making a shift in classroom instruction is very difficult.  Here is why:

  • Time is too tight
  • Content is hard to find
  • "Where do I begin?"
  • Need more collaboration & support
  • Fear of straying from standards
  • Grading and monitoring challenges
  • The budget is too tight

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The PBL PROJECT website:

1) Provides a variety of Integrated Problem Scenarios based on real-life situations that are engaging to students

2) Approaches each problem from multiple points of view across all core subject areas

3) Provides a range of stimulus items appropriate to the problem (articles, videos, infographics, statistics, etc.)

4) Includes leading questions for classroom discussion to help students further explore the topic

5) Guides students through the “information-gathering” process

6) Gives students an online platform to enter responses (proposals, arguments, presentations, etc.)

7) Enables teachers to view, grade, and analyze student responses

8) Gives teachers the ability to create their own Problem-Based scenarios, including the uploading of all resources and assigning of student responses

9) Includes Problem-Based “Weekly Warm-ups” based on current events and engaging topics

10)  Features pre-made tests for Math and ELA, complete with "technology enhanced" items

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