Two unique features of our PD...

1)  It`s hands-on!  Teachers get involved right away and participate in a PBL Scenario, STEM Challenge, Deductive Reasoning Task, and several Critical / Creative Thinking Exercies.

2)  "A Day at the Movies"... Teachers love this (and it works).  As we review the philosophy and background of these strategies, we refer to dozens of clips from popular movies and TV shows to make everything easy to understand and lots of fun.

For example:  This scene from the movie, Apollo 13, is a great sample of a real-life STEM Challenge

Or, this clip from the Big Bang Theory shows the difference between Depth of Knowledge 1-2 and DOK 3-4

 A bit more about our Professional Development:
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • 1st-Person Format (teachers will participate in various exercises)
  • Customized to your specific initiatives
  • All Attendees receive full year`s access to the PBL Project

Granting teachers access to the PBL Project enables them to immediately implement the various strategies, and also to use them long after the PD is over!

Professional Development flyer:

Customized proposals will be made for district or multi-school situations (fill out form to the right)


In addition to our standard training session, we can also provide PD on a wide range of topics.  Click below to browse a list.

Or, if you`d like a Professional Develoment customized to your specific needs...  we can do that, too!

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