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These are questions all educators face:

What is the MISSION
of our schools?

The words vary, but key themes remain the same in the mission statements of schools and districts across the country. Here are terms frequently used:

"Rigorous education"
"21st century skills"
"Lifelong learner" "Career-ready"
"Community leader"
"Passionate and persistent
"Highly motivated"

All schools and districts are focused on specific missions with key goals.

How do we PREPARE students?

Names, dates, facts, & figures are important, but do not come close to fully preparing students. They will also need skills in these areas:

Problem-SolvingComputers & Technnology
Creativity Deductive Reasoning & LogicEntrepreneurialism
Critical Thinking Collaboration & Communication

These goals can be accomplished by having classroom instruction reflect the goals on a daily basis.

What are the Challenges?

Of course teachers want to help students develop the skills they will need to thrive in this century. But making a shift in classroom instruction is very difficult. Here is why:

Time is too tight Content is hard to find Fear of straying from standards "Where do I begin?" Need more collaboration & support Grading and monitoring challengesThe budget is too tight

For a variety of reasons, the broader mission often takes a back seat to the daily grind.


The PBL Project
is your answer !

From "Bigfoot" to "Field Trip" to "The Football Program" to "GMOs"-

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Take me there! If your school or district has a site license, you can access PDF copies of all of our PBL guides, and much more!

...and what do our Clients say?

The feedback we‘ve received about the PBL Project has been tremendous, and we thought it would be nice to share a sampling of those comments. All of the testimonials shown below were unsolicited, and have been included with permission:

Thank you for so many good ideas!

Valerie English teacher Wren High School (Anderson, SC)

Ben I love your site... we
use project/problem based learning and your ideals are the best I`ve seen

Thank you,
Sharron Principal John Ireland Elementary (Dallas, TX)

I don`t believe I ever thanked you!!!! I`ve been using your site this year, and the kids love the activities!

Katherine Gifted Education Specialist Wrightsville Beach School (Wilmington, NC)

Thanks so much for all
your support and activities for PBL! My students love the activities and fit in perfectly with my gifted
4th and 5th graders. I appreciate how fast you get back to me as well. GREAT STUFF!

James 4/5 Magnet Teacher Ferry Elementary (Grosse Pointe, MI)

Just wanted to say `Thank You` for the excellent activities that you send our way to use. We are really enjoying those.

Melissa 6th Grade Science Teacher Lafayette High School (Lafayette, LA)