Students will organize a Volunteer Recruitment Program designed to encourage fellow students to give their time and efforts to good causes.  This includes organizing the logistics of the program, finding appropriate volunteer opportunities, recruiting students to volunteer, and keeping track of the volunteer hours.

We have gathered important information that will help students approach this community project.

The above resources will be valuable to begin the plannning.  However, since this is a personal project, students will have to conduct their own research to make sure that it is executed properly.

With a teacher or mentor, students should discuss the intent of this community service project.  The following questions should be presented to the students:

  • How does organizing a program to encourage and monitor student volunteering benefit the school and community?
  • The scope of this project goes beyond the efforts of one individual.  Who else will be needed (volunteers, business partners, mentors, etc.)?  What will be your specific role in bringing it to life?
  • What are the logistical challenges that you will likely face when trying to implement this service project?  How do you plan to overcome them?


Students should complete the Community Service Packet as they plan, implement, and evaluate their service project.  This will help them identify all of the necessary steps to make it a success!

Click on the icon below to open a PDF


When the Community Service is complete, it is important for the students to sit down for a short interview where they can evaluate and reflect on the experience

It is also important for the students to know where they thrived and where they struggled. 

Click here for a Rubric that can be used to evaluate the students` efforts.