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A Spaghetti Bridge

The Secret Code

A Trashy Boat

Balancing Act

Art on the Move

A Mighty Bridge


Rube Goldberg Machine

 The Catapult

 Classroom Tea Party

 A Water Filter

 Cup Pyramid

 Cardboard Stool


 Egg Bungee Jump

 Duct Tape Creation

 Earth Dwelling

Helping with a Disability

 Let`s Fly a Kite

 Underwater Vision

 Air Delivery

 A Magnetic Test

 Useful Trash

 Watch It Move

 The Money Sorter

 Moving Water

 Musical Instrument

 A Mult-Purpose Hat

 Pop-Up Card

 The Cargo Ship

 A Homemade Pulley

 A Famous Landmark

 Help with Recycling

 Bubbles Galore

 The Roller-Coaster