The PBL Project includes:
  • Integrated PBL Scenarios
  • Current Event PBLs
  • Critical Thinking Exercises
  • "Missing Information" Challenges
  • STEM Challenges
  • Song Parodies/Cheers/Reader`s Theater
  • "Pocket Activities"
  • Formative Assessment Ideas
  • Technology-Enhanced Assessments
  • Deductive Reasoning Assessments
  • Standards-Based "Cold Reads"

PBL Project flyer:

All of this for just $399 per school (all teachers, all grades, all subjects, etc.)

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There`s More!

All schools that join the PBL Project have access to our "DOK Your Way" feature.  This is where teachers get content sent directly to them based on their grade, subject, and standards... then, they can give every exercise a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" and future exercises are tailored to their requests (it`s similar to Pandora Radio creating a radio station based on user preferences, only teachers will be creating their own "content station" based on what they want). 

  Please watch this 45-second video that describes this feature: